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Forest Management

Forest Direct's main service is Forest Management. The Forest Management service includes:

In Year 1

  • Carrying out Forest plan in year 1.
  • Full inventory
  • Production forecast
  • Fully costed 5 year work plan
  • Deer reduction strategy
  • UKWAS certification (optional)
  • Annual service for:

  • Annual summary including business plan
  • All SRDP applications
  • All LMO applications
  • 4 formal quarterly meetings
  • Correspondence with consultees eg Forestry Commission, SNH and contactable by phone and e mail throughout the management period
  • Meeting UKWAS standards
  • Mapping

  • More services below

    Forest Plan

    Forest Direct specailise in doing forest plans and management plans for all size of woodlands. We can even do forest plans at no cost to the client by using SRDP Grants if their woodland is over 100ha and they have an up to date stock map which includes yield classes.

    Sale of Timber

    We can manage sale of timber from volume measurement to contract closure.

    New Planting

    Forest Direct can project manage new planting from start to finish. From applying for relevant grants and woodland design to implementation and maintenance until the woodland is established.


    Refer to "New Planting"

    Felling Licence

    Forest Direct offers a felling license service which includes grant application, timber measurement, restocking plan and felling license completion. We will also apply for felling license for clients who are under our Forest Management.

    SRDP Applications

    Forest Direct is an accomplished agent of SRDP grant scheme. We specialise in forestry grants completing applications for land owners as well as other forestry consultants.

    Woodland Valuation

    Forest Direct offers a woodland valuation service for buying or selling woodland.