Our Services




Forest Management

  • Forest survey: crop inventory and assessment
  • Digital mapping: production of compartment stock maps, felling and restocking maps
  • Planning: production of Woodland Management Plans or Long Term Forest Plan leading to detailed production forecasts including an annual and 5 year budget
  • Forest Certification: application and management of the process through to certification by FSC and PEFC

Forestry Agent

Interface with all statutory bodies, such as

  • Scottish Forestry (Forestry Commission)
  • Regional councils
  • Scottish Government Rural Payments Division (SGRPID)

Forestry Grant Scheme applications for:

  • Felling Permissions
  • Restructuring Grants
  • New Planting proposals
  • Road Infrastructure grants and Woodlands In and Around Towns projects
  • Road planning and Prior Notification applications and grant claims

Operational Support

  • Timber Sales: preparation of Sales Particulars, negotiation, operational planning, Health and Safety documentation, Sales Contract, site supervision, admin support for weight ticket and self-billing invoice checks
  • Access improvements: planning and organisation of road upgrades and new roads; engaging and supervising the grounds work contractors
  • Other: arranging for ecological surveys, Power Outages and Badger Disturbance licences as required

Brash Harvesting

Wherever possible, organisation of the recovery of branch wood from harvesting sites and its chipping and sale for Biofuel.


Monitoring of young plantations and organisation of remedial work to be carried out for up to 5 years after restocking.


Operational planning to replant the with young trees including the engagement and supervision of the ground preparation contractor to achieve the necessary stocking density, quality and delivery according to the Forest and Water Guidelines; the procurement of the young trees (including any tree protection materials required); the organisation of new fencing or repairs as required; and the programming, engagement and supervision of the planting contractor on your behalf.

New Woodland Creation

The design, planning and execution of large scale new planting projects. Provision of up to 6 years input from the financial appraisal and grant application through to successful establishment and grant claim including undertaking any consultations or specialist surveys required; organisation and supervision of any new access roads required; the procurement of the young trees and any tree protection materials; the organisation and supervision of the ground preparation contractor and the planting contractor through to annual maintenance.

Carbon Sequestration

Provision of in-house expertise of the Carbon Market from calculating potential Carbon Sequestration, registering new planting schemes on the UK Carbon “Markit” to providing Additionality Test audits.