Forest Direct is a forestry consultancy for the farming community.

Forest Direct Ltd was set up by Jeremy Thompson in September 2003 in the Scottish Borders. After being a relatively small (but mighty!) operation for many years, Jeremy’s passion for combatting climate change and getting as many trees in the ground as possible has seen the size of the team, along with the workload, grow in the last few years.

At the heart of the business is the people who are involved. With a team of employees and business partners at over 50 strong, the amount of passion, drive and knowledge within the company is vast!

This is perfectly illustrated by the fact that Forest Direct planted 1 million trees in the last planting season and plan to up that to 1.5 million this year. You just can’t argue with numbers like that.

Cultivating trees and the environment isn’t the only aspect of business that drives the team, we also cultivate excellent relationships with the local farming community.

We provide woodland planning, thinning and clear fell harvesting and marketing, brash harvesting and restocking as well as new planting.

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