Forestry Grant Scheme Applications

Ensuring you secure the support available

A number of grants are available to encourage the creation of new woodland and sustainable management and enhancement of existing woodlands in Scotland. The Forestry Grant Scheme is administrated by Scottish Forestry and includes a variety of financial support for existing and new woodland owners.

The different financial grant schemes available include:

  • Woodland Creation Grant
    • Woodland creation focused on Diverse Conifer, Conifer, Broadleaf, Native Scots Pine, Native Upland Birch, Native Broadleaf and Native Low-Density Broadleaf planting
    • Small or Farm Woodlands designed for small-scale mixed-broadleaf and conifer woodlands on farms.
    • Sheep and Trees designed for small and upland farms to integrate woodland creation with a new forest road grant.
  • Woodland Improvement Grant
    • To enable enhancement of existing woodlands for people and nature. This includes financial support to encourage:
      • Natural regeneration
      • Restructuring to increase species and structural diversity and enable management under alternatives to clear-fell (Continuous Cover Forestry)
      • Management of urban woodlands and improvement of public access
      • Creation of long-term forest and/or management plans
  • Agroforestry Grant
    • To support the integration of trees into productive agricultural land.
  • Forest Infrastructure Grant
    • To support the creation of new forest access infrastructure to enable long-term woodland management.
  • Woodlands In and Around Towns (WIAT) Grant
    • To support the management of urban woodlands (located within 1km of 2000+ population)

Forest Direct are experienced in the different grant schemes and will work with you on every stage of the application, progressing it through to approval.

If you wish to learn more about the Forestry Grant Scheme, visit our news section and read our grant funding articles.

An additional grant package, specific to the Scottish Borders is the Borders Tree planting grant, that we can apply for on your behalf.  This grant is administered by Tweed Forum and is for a maximum of £1000 per farm per year. It is primarily for individual trees in the landscape to help replace ash trees and elm trees and restore and rebuild avenues and roadside. The grant is for capital items only and does not cover wages.

We are pleased to advise that it will shortly be offered in Dumfries and Galloway as well as the Scottish Borders.

You should also be made aware that the Farming Advisory Service, (FAS) is currently offering a £1000 contribution towards getting a Forestry advisor on to your farm to help you build a grant application, Jeremy Thompson of Forest Direct Ltd is an approved agent for this purpose.

Forest Direct can also progress Felling Permission applications and Road Planning and Prior Notification applications.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with us.