Tree Surveys

Ensuring compliance

Tree surveys are an important part of management and health and safety requirements. Landowners and managers who own trees have a duty of care to ensure all the trees remain safe. This is particularly important where trees intersect with public rights of way, roads, or recreational uses. You may also require a tree survey to inform plans for a development that requires planning consent.

A tree survey will give information about the tree species, physical measurements including height and diameter, age of the tree and overall health of the tree. A digital map of the landscape, along with a tree schedule and recommendation will be produced to help you make informed land management decisions.

Forest Direct can provide individual tree surveys to comply with BS 5837:2012 ‘Trees in Relation to Construction’ and Quantified Tree Risk Assessment to assist clients managing mature trees, especially those subject to development pressures or near the public where owner liability is a consideration. We can also undertake tree surgery work to make trees safe and tree replacement where removal is needed.