Timber Harvesting & Timber Marketing

Generating the best value from your woodland

Forest Direct Ltd is one of the most respected timber harvesting companies in Scotland. Whether you plan to clear-fell a large conifer forest or undertake a mixed woodland thinning, our timber harvesting and marketing team at Forest Direct can help you achieve your objectives and deliver a timber harvesting plan that works for you.

We can undertake small or large clearfells (100 – 20,000+ tonnes) and subsequent thinnings, and we have expertise in managing woodland within landscape designations and continuous cover forestry. In addition, we can look after any felling permission with Scottish Forestry; any Prior Notifications, Full Planning applications or consultations with your local authority roads planning team; and any wildlife disturbance licences and wildlife and environmental surveys.

We can survey your woodland and assess the sustainable timber harvesting and timber marketing options and opportunities. We will check:

  • Woodland Terrain
  • Tree Species,
  • Scale of Forest
  • Age Class
  • Yield Class
  • Tree quality
  • Access
  • Ground Conditions including drainage and exposure
  • Economies of Scale
  • Health, Safety and Environmental aspects.

We can produce financial projections for your timber sales using our market knowledge, our relationship with major timber processors,  the current timber market conditions and taking into account any seasonal demand patterns.

Whilst achieving a financial return from your woodland is vital, we  recognise that this may not be your only objective and using our skilled and specialist contractors, we can manage your woodlands to:

  • Maximise sawlog content.
  • Provide greater tree species diversity and encourage natural regeneration instead of replanting.
  • Improve the environment for shoot cover by increasing ground cover.
  • Diversify the woodland biodiversity by enriching the species mix, open spaces and, where possible, water features.
  • Maintain or develop the woodland for livestock shelter

Timber Marketing and Sales

Forest Direct Ltd is an independent forestry consultancy with no direct links to timber processing businesses. As such, our very experienced team can concentrate on our clients’ best interest. We seek to match your trees and timber products to the best and most suitable markets. We can manage your timber sales on a standing or roadside sale basis.

With standing sales, we can negotiate with buyers on your behalf, deal with all the contractual, health, safety and environmental details. The buyer will undertake all the harvesting and haulage operations under our supervision.  Alternatively, we can undertake direct production sales where Forest Direct is responsible for the timber harvesting and haulage in their role as Forestry Works Manager and Forestry Agent. In both cases, we test the market to achieve the best overall return, either by open market tenders, limited tenders, or negotiation.

If you have any questions regarding timber harvesting in Scotland and the North of England or would like to discuss your woodland management with our team, then please contact Nick Martin – Harvesting Manager on nickmartin.forestdirect@gmail.com